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RETRAN has been in Business since 1984. We are primarily a Data Entry and Research Company. Most of our Data Entry and Research involves Real Estate Related Documents including Notice of Defaults (NOD), Notice of Trustee Sales (NOS) and Notice of Trustees Deed Upon Sale, more commonly referred to as REO's or Properties which have reverted back to the Bene (Bank).

No other Data Source can match our Professional RETRAN, PERIOD. First of all, we do all the tracking and Trustee Calling for you on the Trustee Sales. We will call the Trustee for a Scheduled Auction Date, and we will continue to do so until that Property is no longer available. And better yet, you can Search by the Results.

We also provide phone numbers, photos, plat maps and driving maps. Plus, we provide Open TD and Lien Data on each Property. RETRAN tells you who has the loan, the amount of the loan, when the loan was opened and the instrument number.

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We also Gather, Data Entry and Research Pre-Recordings from Trustees, Title Companies and Title Plants. We collect our own data and are not data resellers like most of our competitors.

We cooperate fully with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement in the pursuit and apprehension of those who utilize our Information in Illegal and or for Unethical Activities.

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